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I like the search by tag function on Super User. I can search any post tagged with both and using [excel] [macro]. Is there similar function for TiddlyWiki?

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It sounds like what you want is either MatchTagsPlugin by Eric Shulman (The TiddlyTools guy) or YourSearchPlugin by Udo Borkowski.

Both let you do full operator-enhanced tag searches but their syntax and other features differ.

MatchTagsPlugin lets you set up a new search field which displays its results in a new tiddler in a configurable format and will search only tags using a syntax like this:

excel AND (macro OR script) AND NOT virus

If the provided interfaces don't do it for you, take a look at what I did using InlineJavascriptPlugin.

YourSearchPlugin modifies the existing search field to support a richer query syntax (and, optionally, a new results popup) and you can specify that a given entry should only match tags by prefixing it like this:

#excel (#macro or #script) not #virus

You could also poke around on TiddlyHub to see if anything else might meet your needs.

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