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I know there's no checkbox functionality in a Google Docs spreadsheet but I was wondering if there's a way to get equivalent functionality somehow. What I'm looking for is a one click enable/disable or toggle in some form.

The closest I've come is manually editing a cell to enter a 0 or 1 but I'm hoping there's a nicer pattern.

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Another good answer that applies here as well: – Matthijs Wessels Jun 1 at 10:34

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The best checkbox solution I've seen so far is the one used in this template (Here's a public document created by the template that you can view without logging in to Google Drive).

They have two cells in an extra sheet with a character or image of an unselected checkbox and one of a selected checkbox. Then in the cell where you want to use the checkbox, set the data validation to "Items from a list" and "Create list from range" and select the two cells with the characters/images. You then get a dropdown in that cell where you can select either option.

This doesn't provide the one click on/off toggle, but it's pretty close.

Update: I just set the document to editable by anyone. Without that you wouldn't be able to see how the selection works.

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Yes, it is possible. has a good sample, including how to add a button to a spreadsheet to run some Google Apps Script in Section 4. This can then be used to write the 0/1 to a hidden cell.

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Doesn't this approach only allow you to add buttons to the menu? – Matthijs Wessels Mar 6 '13 at 12:28

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