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I help out at a community radio station and one of the presenters would like to be able to "add value" by giving listeners the option of additionally following a slideshow.

Since we expect all the viewers to also be listeners, we want to be able to control the progression of the slideshow. (I.e. we don't want to keep telling listeners to go to the next slide when they might not be bothering with the visuals.)

I'm sure I've seen a presentation done like this, where I've been the passive recipient of a presentation, but I can't remember what the service was called.

Another "must have" feature is the ability to embed the presentation onto a page on our website.

Can anyone think of a suitable service? (Or, indeed, another approach?)

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Google Docs can do this, I believe.

You can also just do a live screencast of your desktop using uStream, for example

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