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People often update their status on Facebook, but what is the maximum number of characters allowed in Facebook status box?

Any ideas?

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According to this article, 420 characters, but I can't test it for the moment, since I don't have access to Facebook from my current network.

I have just tested it and the latest iteration (late August 2011) allows for Status updates of up to 500 characters.

enter image description here

UPDATE (10/11/2011):

Facebook increased the status updates character number to 5.000. See screenshot below.

enter image description here

UPDATE (30/11/2011)

Facebook just increased the status updates character limit to 60.000.

In September, we increased the character limit on status updates to 5,000 characters. Today, we're announcing that you can now write posts with more than 60,000 characters.


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63206 characters to be more precise. – Itamar Dec 1 '11 at 11:49

Status updates must be less than 5.000 characters. You have entered 5.066 characters here. Notes can be much longer. Would you like to edit and post your update as a Note instead?

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I updated my original answer. Thanks! – Alex Nov 10 '11 at 20:30

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