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My company uses a web filtering software from an unknown (to me) vendor. I noticed the other day that YouTube automatically defaults to "safety mode" and that I am unable to change this setting. Instead, YouTube displays the message

SafetyMode is enabled by your network administrator

I assume the filtering software is setting the flag, but how is it enabled? I've looked through Google's help pages, but I didn't find anything about this. I'm asking mostly out of curiousity, because I have never seen a website prevent a visitor from doing something due to a network policy on the client side.

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Here is your answer, sir.

I know, it's a short answer, but the explanation is rather lengthy and I preferred to link to it instead of copying it here.

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I still don't understand how YouTube knows it's a network enforcement and doesn't let you change the setting on its page. –  RHPT Sep 2 '11 at 15:33

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