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Is there any free web-app that doesn't have length barrier? Videos I need to upload are going to be around 2-4 hours.

Ideally, I would also like it to be private, meaning only available to people I share it with. However, it's not that important.

Edit: I thought it's important I mention size as well : around 1 GB.

Also, I don't care if random people can stumble upon my page. I just don't want it to come up under search results.

also, if possible, it should not have ads DURING the video. The ad can be on starting and ending.

Also, why exactly downvote?

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It'd probably help if you gave more details like whether this is for sharing with friends/family/colleagues or the general public and how long they have to stay up.

If you don't need to offer up more than 2GiB worth of videos at a time and you don't anticipate hitting their bandwidth limit for the Public folder, you could always encode the videos in WebM and then share them on Dropbox using either the private Share functionality or the Public folder.

They have a free plan and the browser's built-in WebM support (every modern browser but Internet Explorer and Safari) would take care of providing a player widget if you want to stream them. (Encode in H.264 for Internet Explorer or Safari)

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this is for friends/family. However, I will upload several videos, so something that offers only 2GB total space will not cut it. –  TPR Sep 26 '11 at 6:40

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