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Is there any way to add HTML markup signature in Gmail settings? I mean, insert some HTML markup without using rich editor, just inserting HTML?

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No, you're constrained to use the Rich Text editor.

See also: How do I create a decent email signature in Gmail?

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It is indeed possible, though not, as far as I can see, by using the Gmail signature editor directly.

You can create the signature you want using a different tool (I use WiseStamp with Firefox which supports a 'better' HTML editor) then once defined, simply copy the result from the 'normal' view, not the HTML view, and paste it into the Gmail sig edit box.

You could, of course, use an addon such as WiseStamp to provide the Sig for you but I prefer not to use an addon where there is already a suitable builtin facility.

Using this method I've even been able to embed an image without having a URL to it, though it can fail because the Sig gets too big!

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I've made a chrome extension to help do exactly this. It overlays an HTML code editor on top of Gmail and injects your HTML email directly into the gmail compose window. You can even save your snippets and reuse them as you'd like!

Give it a shot here: Google Chrome Web Store - HTML Inserter For Gmail

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But with this, you'd have to edit the signature every time you write an email, right? –  Vidar S. Ramdal Nov 7 '13 at 9:00
@VidarS.Ramdal - It lets you save the signature as a 'snippet' that you can reuse. Every time you send an email, you'll have to click "Snippets", then select it, but you won't have to re-paste the code. –  Trever Faden Nov 8 '13 at 22:28

Create the template in your editor and view it in a browser. Then in the browser, select all, copy and paste into the Gmail compose window and save. This worked for me.

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