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I am searching for an email hosting solution for a small company (15 emails needed + an admin account). We are currently using Google apps, but due to some reasons we prefer to use some other service.

Can you please give a list of some paid alternatives to Google Apps?

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If the "some reasons" you prefer to stop using Google Apps are feature/technical, it would help us recommend alternatives if you mention them. –  Greg Hendershott Oct 13 '11 at 12:57

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Microsoft's cloud email.

You could go with hosted Microsoft Exchange (has web interface too): SherWeb

Or you could just get an account with GoDaddy.com their email hosting is ridiculously cheap and offers at least POP3 access, probably IMAP.

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Our company uses this and it works very well compared to running your own Exchange Server. Actually I would have moved us to Google Apps if I thought people would have accepted that big a change. However the OP doesn't want to use that anymore, so I'd also recommend hosted Exchange for him. –  Greg Hendershott Oct 13 '11 at 12:59

Zoho Mail seems alright.

  • Get your very own customized business emails (username@< your-own-domain >.com)
  • Manage emails using an extensive admin panel
  • Get business-friendly multi-level folders & advanced filters
  • Start email hosting in minutes
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