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I have recently been exploring the new web application Trello and I want to add hyperlinks to a card.

Is this possible?

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Like Stack Exchange, Trello allows MarkDown in card descriptions, so you can put links into them using this type of syntax:

Click [here](http://www.whatever.com) to go to the page.

Which will give

Click here to go to the page.

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To clarify, Trello allows MarkDown in the description field of a card. You can use a markdown formatted link ([Google](http://www.google.com)), or you can just type put a URL (like http://www.google.com) and it will be converted to a link

Card comments don't allow markdown, but they can also contain URLs, which will be converted to links. Some URLs (like ones for youtube) will be converted to previews using embed.ly

An example of the different kinds of links

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