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On one of the blog posts it mentions a 10 Meg upload limit... I'm assuming this is per file?

Is there a total limit/quote per account?

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There is a 10MB per-file-limit.

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Has this been updated? And if not can you provide an order of magnitude estimate of what the limit mighg be? – KennyPeanuts May 1 '13 at 17:01


  • 10MB per file.
  • No account/board limit, no limits for drive/dropbox attachments.

Quoting their (updated) manual


There is a 10 MB file upload limit per attachment. However, Business Class and Trello Gold members have a 250 MB file upload limit per attachment. It's not possible to upload attachments via the mobile site. There is no limit on the number of attachments you can have on a card or board. Neither is there an account data storage limit.

The 10MB file upload only applies to files uploaded from your computer. It does not apply to files attached from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive.

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