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My delicious account has a great many bookmarks tagged "Bookmarks" - this would have happened when I imported my browser bookmarks into the service. The tag is redundant, and I've worked on eliminating it's use. It's a matter of a few clicks to edit a single bookmark and remove the tag; the problem is that I have over 700 bookmarks with the "Bookmarks" tag. Ugh.

Is there any easy or automated way to mass edit bookmark tags, or even to remove a particular tag altogether?

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Log into http://www.delicious.com

At the top there should be Home Bookmarks People Tags, click on Tags, My Tags

On the right hand side, underneath the search bar, highlighted in blue click on Delete Tags

Choose a tag from the dropdown. This will remove that tag from your bookmarks, and delete the tag.

To just remove the tag from certain bookmarks without deleting it, select Bookmarks at the top.

On the right hand side under the search bar, select Bulk Edit. Select the bookmarks you wish to edit and go to Remove Tag under the thick blue line.

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