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I am looking for a notepad in the cloud.

And use them as my reference book, so that I can search by content, file name, edit them.

My best FREE notepad for the moment is, this one:

  • edit
  • add new
  • read as raw (much cleaner to me)
  • but can not make as string filenames
  • can't search
  • everybody can view it
  • and also its not FREE


Is there anything which I can use, to keep such TUI notes (simple coder mind and clean code book as private), with my source codes and hints, etc.

Readable as like this: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt (clean and fresh)

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Open a private posterous space ?
You can add, edit, search, it's password protected, free, and handles syntax highlighting for code snippets or just plain gist insertions.

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