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I'm currently using PlusFeed to get an Atom feed of my public Google+ stream, which I'm then posting to Facebook via RSS Graffiti (other similar apps are available). The problem is, RSS Graffiti and similar apps post the resulting message as a Facebook Note (with title, body, etc) rather than my actual status.

Is there an app available that can update my status from an Atom feed? (Especially now that Facebook has increased the character limit for a status from 420 to 5000 characters)

The absolute ideal would be for the app to post my Google+ post as my Facebook status if it's within the character limit and as a note otherwise, but perhaps that's a stretch too far at the moment.

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You can use this If This Then That recipe: http://ifttt.com/recipes/1813. If that's not quite what you want, there's many more to choose from.

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Thanks. That particular one creates a link post as opposed to a status update but I'll have a look through, looks like a good resource – Waggers Sep 29 '11 at 8:15
Brilliant - created my own task on IFTT to do what I was after. Works well, thanks very much – Waggers Sep 29 '11 at 9:59

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