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I have a question regarding Trello.

Before its release, Trello used to have a page showing the release notes. I dug around and found out its location. But it's dated, it even mentions the old name Trellis, and the "manual" has no pointer to it, so I guess it shouldn't be used.

So... Where can I find the release notes?

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You can find information on recently release bug fixes and features on the Trello development board. We leave things in the "Implemented" column for a while after they go live.

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The release notes were much more useful imho. Everything I learned about Trello came from reading it from the beginning. Would never have known about @reply or due dates otherwise to name a couple. Definitely missing it and wondering what features I'm missing out on. (Though I know how much of a pain a release log can be.) – Rebecca Chernoff Sep 29 '11 at 17:35

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