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I want to add all of my contacts to the chat list. I have selected "Show in chat list:">All Contacts, but not all of my contacts are showing there. How do I do it?

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I am doing that with Gtalk and Excel:

  • by exporting all contacts to .csv in GMail.

  • and edit them in Excel and add "," to the right column

  • from Excel save this as text file

  • and by deleting CR LF all contacts save all contacts to 1 line

  • copy and paste them to next step

  • I click on Add button in Gtalk

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The Show in chat list: -> All Contacts refers to the contacts that are already in your Gtalk list, not to all your Gmail contacts.

Besides, to add a contact to chat, it has to have a Gmail account, otherwise it will not work. You can add a non Gmail contact to your chat list by sending an invitation to him/her, but he/she will just be invited to open a Gmail account.

If you already have Gmail or Google Talk, visit:
You'll need to click this link to be able to chat with Alex.

To get Gmail - a free email account from Google with over 2,800 megabytes of storage - and chat with Alex, visit:

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