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That way I could see all the activity and not just my notifications. I guess I'd be most interested in knowing when new cards are created... so perhaps just another notification option is all that's needed.

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Here's the feature request card. Cast your vote! :-) – Ronny Jan 2 '12 at 9:28

No, I don't think so. I've looked, and can't see it.

Also, RSS doesn't appear anywhere on the Trello Development board, as a future request, and they already have their own near-instant notification system, with email messages sent out after 24 hours, if you didn't visit the Trello site.

So I doubt it would be a priority for them to implement RSS too.

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It doesn't seem like Trello is interested in implementing anything like RSS feeds, so I went ahead and made an app that will create RSS feeds for your Trello boards.

You're welcome to use the source from that to create your own feeds, or you can use the webapp I created with it to generate RSS feeds.

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May be you can try this This web site could have you to build a rss link to subscribe to Google Calendar.

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