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I'm a big fan of allrecipes.com and was wondering if they have an API. I've seen a few apps built using their data, but I can't seem to find any API information on their site.

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Update: This solution is no longer available; Punchfork has been acquired by Pinterest and will retire the API.

You can use the API offered by Food2Fork.

Food2Fork offers a similar api through which all of Allrecipes recipes are available.

You can also use Yummly’s API.

Yummly has indexed all of AllRecipe's recipes and have made them available through the Yummly Recipe API.


According to this Quora question, they don't, but most of their recipes are available through the Punchfork Recipe API.

And from Punchfork's API FAQ page:


Where do the recipes in the Punchfork API come from?

From popular food blogs and mainstream recipe sites around the web. See our full list of recipe publishing partners. We're constantly adding new sources to our database, and as we include more recipes, API users will automatically see the benefits in improved API results.

You will find allrecipes.com among their publishers.

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Punchfork has been bought by Pinterest, and no longer offers a public API. – Benjamin Manns May 23 '13 at 15:22

I think they have but its only limited. Like the API's of http://www.gourmandia.com and http://www.gourmetrecipe.com, the details are lacking.

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