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Is there a way to do Markdown in Trello so that if you click the phone number on a card on the iPhone it will actually call the number?

I just realized that you can use Markdown in order to make URLs and email addresses clickable on the mobile web version of Trello and wondering if that extends to phone numbers.

I tried <tel:333-3333-3333> and similar variations, and none worked for me.

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This might be deemed off-topic by the webapps community. Don't worry if it gets closed. We've noted this feedback. – Rich Armstrong Oct 4 '11 at 16:49
This type of question, about how to use what might be a feature that just needs a heads-up on, is fine for the site. If it was a feature request or reporting a bug, then we'd be out of scope @ric – Eight Days of Malaise Oct 4 '11 at 16:59

We'll make sure this is filed as a feature request for the iPhone app.

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If you use the app Contacts+ you can share the contact to create a Trello card and it will make the phone numbers and emails linkable in Trello

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