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I am trying to add more sparks to my Google+ account but I cannot find where the link to add them has gone. It seems to have been moved and I don't know where.

How can I add more sparks to my Google Plus account?

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Sparks search has been moved to the search box at the top of Google+

When you run your search, your results come back with four filter types:

  • Everything
  • People
  • Google+ posts
  • Sparks

Select Sparks and then click Save this search.

sparks creation in action

That spark will now be saved to your sidebar for future reference.

Alternatively you can go create/search for a new spark via the following URL:


In this example it would be:


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Ah here it is. Unfortunately when I click "Save this search" it creates a new link with a small magnifier icon in the sidebar that give me all results when I click it. I would like a link that gives me only sparks results, as my old ones. Is it still possible? – Drake Oct 4 '11 at 13:04
Filtering direct to sparks alone is no longer possible unless you save as a bookmark @dra – Eight Days of Malaise Oct 4 '11 at 13:07

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