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Delicious has different ways of showing the bookmarks, but there isn't anything that lets you discover the most bookmarked site for a specific tag. For eg., if the tag is Visio, it should show the bookmarks where visio is a tag in order of how many times its been tagged by all users.

Is there something out there??

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Perhaps not exactly what you wanted but do you know about the popular keyword?

e.g. http://delicious.com/popular/Visio

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I think the api has changed. Now it is delicious.com/tag/Visio/popular –  rofrol Feb 11 '14 at 16:47

Your intuition is correct, getting most-bookmarked-link in a tagset is an awesome way to whittle down solutions to find really common links that are tagged. I recently needed a quick solution for an HTML form that I needed to be emailed with PHP for an old client that had been using an offsite service that broke.

I went to delicious.com/tag/form+php+email and found a lot of bookmarks tagged. I tried going to delicious.com/popular/form+php+email but it just truncates the single, first tag.

My final good-enough solution was this greasemonkey script that adds a couple links to sort the visible links by popularity (and others) with javascript. I then set the # visible to 100. The obvious popular link floated to the top and saved me a lot of time of sorting through bad solutions!

Its like Stack Exchange says--the best result should float to the top! Why didn't Yahoo think of that? Why can't we sort all bookmarked items? Is it some sort of caching concern?

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