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Is there a way to mark a card as done without moving it to a list named "done"? I'd like to keep the card in the list but show that it is done.

We love using Trello. I am using it with a bunch of pastors to develop and project manage the work for weekly messages.

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I have a new list called "Done - Requires Checking" and move anything to that list, until it's actually formally checked by whoever needs to approve the job as completed. – Layke Jan 26 at 10:32

Trello doesn't have a predefined way to mark a card as done, but you could certainly name a label "Done" and apply it to cards that you have completed.

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It still makes the date display in red after the due date. – Tymski Apr 19 at 0:55

If a card has a due date, placing in a different list or changing the label won't disable alerts as the date approaches and passes. Removing the date is a workaround, but one that obviously prevents future analysis on actual vs. target dates.

An ideal solution would provide the desired status and disable due date notifications.

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You could colour code that card with all of the colours to signify its completion.

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Unfortunately you can't but i would like that too. I normally have 3 main lists - To do, Doing & Done. I then move the cards around as needed.

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Add a checklist (as little as a single item: "done"), then mark the card as done in the checklist. The card will visually display in green a checkmark for the checklist.

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You can use stickers. The default stickers includes a checkmark which I use to mark things as done. It may be a little bit big, but it stays in the list and doesn't move around your card.

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I too like to have due dates acknowledged and see in my lists which tasks have been completed and which are still left to do.

I quickly worked out that this was not going to be possible in Trello. So I have created a Completed Tasks list, and when I transfer a completed task to this list I change the due date to the date I completed the task. Not ideal, but it does help me with tracking how many tasks I get through each day. Because I also use the labels, I can see how many tasks in each group I get through each day.

Maybe in future editions of Trello this element might be improved.

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Instead of, or in addition to, the color label, you could change the card title from "abc xyz" to "Done - abc xyz" or any other keyword of your choice.

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