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This is for an academic project, and I would welcome your ideas and input.

I am starting out with a sketch. I want to visualize some heterogeneous data which is requested from various data sources (src1...)

In a table / matrix I then visualize if the data is available and matches to a category on the X-axis. Upon clicking on one of these categories it slides open and reveales subcategories.

Which web-app do you know of, that comes closest to the sketch and or description,

Or what framework / set of Scripts would you use to get started (I am using jqueryui at the moment). PS: I want to keep my codebase as sleek as possible.


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In terms of a "web app that comes closest to the sketch and or description", my first thought was Google Squared - but alas, it no longer exists (I thought it was an amazing innovation).

But here's something to try: http://www.wolframalpha.com. Enter a search term such as mammals or presidents.

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good idea, except wolframalpha (intentionally) loads almost everything as images, even tables - I just checked again. There is nothing to copy or learn. – Lo Sauer Oct 18 '11 at 18:56

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