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Is there a website that can gather all your stuff from different social networks together in one place? For example, can I have my Twitter and Facebook accounts together?


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You may use Seesmic or Sobees. Both support Twitter and Facebook.


Tweetdeck does this, both the web app and their desktop app.


I've been using buffr app recently - does a very nice job. Threadsy is another such webapp which integrates multiple social networks in a nice email-inbox sort of way.


HootSuite will do this, and has iOS apps as well. (They have both free and paid models for their service.)



Will allow you to connect up your social networks and promote them in one URL.

All your networks linked in to one single hub, to serve no other purpose than linking your social life together to ensure you get the attention you deserve.


Boxcar will also perform this functionality (and will also allow you to follow RSS feeds).


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