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Now that Twitter automatically shortens urls with its t.co service, 3rd party services like bit.ly / j.mp have become somewhat superfluous (for Twitter use).

However, bit.ly provides nice click stats for each shortened link (example). Is there anything similar available for t.co shortened links? (I've tried the bit.ly way of appending + to the url to get to the info/stats page, but that, at least, does not work.)

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Doesn't look like Twitter provides any additional services other than URL shortening, but this can change fast. In the meantime, I use the Google shortener goo.gl - great analytics, same as their usual web analytics. It uses your Google ID btw, although you can use it signed out (and give up the analytics)

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Go to https://ads.twitter.com/ and login using your Twitter account. Go to AnalyticsTimeline Activity.

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Does your answer pertain to regular t.co links that you see in your timeline or Promoted tweets? I did not find any Analytics link after I logged into ads.twitter.com for the first time. – mvark Sep 14 '13 at 13:52
works only if the t.co linked tweet is tweeted by you – pahan Sep 15 '13 at 4:21

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