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I know how to add an image to my Gmail signature, but unless I'm mistaken, this image will not be included as an attachment and thus has to be externally hosted. Newer mail clients don't load external images by default, so my company would like everyone to use inline images. For those of us that use Gmail as God intended, in a Chrome browser, and not via Outlook, how can we create a signature that includes an inline image?

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You can keep a draft ready with the signature to be used a s template everytime you want to send a mail (time consuming). Wisestamp will also be using External hosted images (feature already in gmail).

Considering all this, using a mail client is the only option if you want to use inline images in signature.

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Inline images in signatures should be avoided. It wastes the recipients disk space, and if images are not deleted (most people are too lazy, ignorant or stupid to remove history/quoting) when replying, it eats away disk space and bandwidth at an increasing rate.

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I don't understand the answer above re wasting disk space? I would think that including actual images (e.g., by dropping in images from the desktop, or bringing them in from the computer or a url) would waste more space? In fact, I tested both ways: inline and "online" and then checked the full message body of the recipient (myself at a different email address), and for sure the inline approach uses much less coding and disk space. – Lester Ingber May 25 '13 at 19:31

You should try WiseStamp.

I know that, when you have an account, you can add image to your signature, but I cannot confirm whether is inline or online.

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it's not inline. – Sathya Nov 9 '11 at 4:20

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