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As of two or three weeks ago, I haven't been able to watch videos at cbs.com/video. Before then, I could. I don't remember making any changes to my system configuration around that time.

When I try to load any video, I briefly see a throbber, and then I get a black screen. If I mouse over the screen, I do see a play/pause button, progress bar and other buttons, but they do nothing. If I leave the window open for several minutes, the following message eventually appears:

The video you have requested is either unavailable or is being blocked by an ad blocker installed in your browser.

This seems to be a computer-level issue because a different computer on my network can load CBS videos just fine but IE and Firefox on my computer both fail. I do have NoScript, AdBlockPlus and some other addons installed for Firefox (version 6), but the error persists even if I disable them all. Even if they were to blame, they wouldn't affect my IE (version 9), which is vanilla. My OS is Win7.

This seems to be a common issue on the Internet. There are generally two solutions: "disable ad blockers" and "clear your hosts file" (or, at least, exclude doubleclick.net from them). Neither one of these fixes worked for me.

What's stopping these videos from loading, and more importantly, how can I work around it?

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