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Are there any third party Google Contacts editors? I really dislike the editors that Google provides.

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  1. Google does have an open API for you to use if you wanted to write a script to edit/clean your contacts yourself.

  2. Assuming you're not interested in that though, I'll explain what I do. I use a mac and I use the built in address book application to manage my contacts. This application syncs with google.

    In combination with the sync from my local address book/iCloud, I also use an app I picked up in the app store called Contacts Cleaner which helps me keep the data clean, dup free, and well-formatted.

  3. Have you looked at products like Gist? Have you seen this guide to improving Google Contacts?

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Gist.com was shuttered on September 15, 2012. – Al E. Nov 29 '12 at 13:49

You can access and edit Google Contacts with any device/programm that uses Mail for Exchange protocol (it is Microsoft's protocol). For example my mobile phone supports Mail for Exchange, and whenever I update contacts on my phone it is synced with Google Contacts.

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