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One of my associates had their Hotmail account broadcasting spam, and presumably hacked. They managed to change the password, but after that, the account got locked; Hotmail asks you for a phone number, and they're supposed to call you with a code.

This person requested the code several times, with different numbers (even two of mine!), but never received any call with the confirmation code.

I referred them to the full-length process, which includes answering the security question; apparently, they forgot their question (having entered it over a decade ago and never reviewed it since).

What options, if any, exist to restore access to this person's account? They only want to grab their contacts; they plan to operate full-force on GMail going forward.

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You should raise a request over at this form.

If you are unable to verify using the SMS validation, please submit your request here(Select "Hotmail" from the product dropdown list, click “Continue” and select: Error: "Your account has been temporarily blocked") and one of our moderators will help you.

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You need to complain on their forums to get a response. It takes a long time (took me over a month). – ashes999 Nov 29 '11 at 17:17

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