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I can access a very plain, bare-bones but functional interface for Gmail using my ancient Windows mobile phone. When I navigate to mail.google.com on it, I'm redirected to mail.google.com/mail/x/<stuff>.

I would like to be able to access this version of Gmail from my Kindle 3, but I can't figure out how. Browsing directly to mail.google.com/mail/x redirects me to mail/mu/, which is the fancy mobile version for iPhones, etc. (presumably because the Kindle browser is a WebKit). That version is not very usable because of the Kindle's slow refresh rate (and besides I usually keep JavaScript off on the Kindle browser).

Any Suggestions?

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You can access Gmail's basic HTML view [support] at mail.google.com/mail/h. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to bookmark this because it immediately redirects you to a session-specific URL.

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the link to the mobile-friendly Gmail is accessible by this shortcut:


It is not the same as what you get when you go to m.gmail.com on your computer, but it is faster and it fits the screen. You can also go to m.gmail.com and select older version on the bottom.

Tips: Click Inbox (number of unread) to refresh

You need Javascript for this one.

You can not click the menu options, you have to go to the /mail/h version.

This one really works

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For the HTML version that you can bookmark:


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