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In the wake of recent changes in Google Reader, I'm forced to find a new way of sharing links. What I'm looking for is a way to privately share links with just one person. Basically, this is what I need:

  1. When browsing, I have to be able to bookmark a link, preferably with one or two clicks and an optional comment, from Opera, Chrome and Firefox.
  2. That link has to be shared to the RSS feed which can be accessed by one other person which can comment on it (I could live without commenting though).
  3. Privacy is a must. Just me and one other person. No public profile pages, social networking, likes, plus-ones and similar stuff.

Is there anything like this?

Google Bookmarks showed promise, it was able to share a list with a certain person, however default "Add to list" bookmarklet doesn't work in Opera, and there is no way to see list as RSS. Delicious has RSS and some sort of ability to send link to someone (for:username tag), but I have to both tag it and mark it as private for every link. But it will kinda have to work if I don't find something better/simpler. Are there any other alternatives? Or a Delicious bookmarklet which automatically tags a link and makes it private?

EDIT: It seems that I can't mark link as "private" and have it shared with a friend; therefore for sharing links on Delicious they have to be visible to everyone. This sucks. The alternative that comes to mind is using shared account and marking all links as private, or giving your private RSS feed key to a friend (which means that untrustworthy friend can look at your private links if he so wishes).

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Create a private tumblr blog, sent the article to tumblr. Done. –  Sathya Nov 2 '11 at 4:44
Tumblr is a good suggestion, but more geared to blogging than sharing links so it didn't feel right for me. I would try it though if I didn't find a way to use Delicious that suits me. –  Domchi Nov 6 '11 at 16:17

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I found a way to make it work through Delicious/Feedburner mashup. Basically, you bookmark your links with Delicious and make them private (or leave public if you with). Use tag of your choice to tag those you want to share with your friend(s). This is how Delicious forms the RSS feed address for a certain tag:


...or multiple tags:


You can find your private key on your links page where you have links to both your public and private RSS feeds - check the link to your private RSS feed and you'll see your key.

Afterwards, login to Feedburner and burn your feed; you'll get a new feed which doesn't expose your private key. I also turned on Publicize/Noindex to avoid search engines indexing my feed.

This replaces Google Reader sharing and gets you several other benefits (categorizing links, and lots of interesting Feedburner features etc). The only exception is that you can include comment with your link, but your friends can't comment; this is not an issue for me though.

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