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Since the re-design of Google Reader went live two days ago, I have not received a single additional "Recommended Items" entry. The list is still populated with the items that were present immediately before the re-design, but no new items have been added since. This happens across three accounts that I keep.

Have the recommendation features been discontinued? Is it a bug in the new design that affect everyone? Is it just me?

I always considered the endless "Recommended Items" one of my favorite features, it would be a shame if it went away.

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Since Google Reader is now tied into Google Plus rather than sharing/Google Profile or Buzz, I suspect this is why.

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It just started working again after a while, I guess it was related to the changeover to google plus. I just get lifehacker links now as suggestions though, not sure why. –  drxzcl Feb 28 '12 at 19:58
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