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I wanted to change domain I'm using for OpenID at myopenid.com. To do this I registered new domain, selected it, chose Add accounts from menu, entered e-mail address and user name for the new account and clicked Add accounts button. After page reloaded I got confirmation saying Sent invitation message to my e-mail address here. However I haven't received any e-mail. There's an option to re-send an invitation which I tried a few times but with no result.

There's no support for MyOpenID users (Unofficial community-powered support for myOpenID is dead). I only managed to find this topic myopenid - add user accounts fails at http://support.janrain.com but with no answer.

Has anyone had the same problem?
What should I do now?

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Don't use an unsupported service, there's really nothing more to say, sorry. – o0'. Nov 18 '11 at 13:06

I had a different problem with MyOpenID (OpenID logins were failing due to a bug in their implementation) and I finally contacted the company behind it through their Facebook account. They basically told me that the service is no longer supported.

Said that, once you've hit a bug in MyOpenID you're left with no options but switching to another provider.

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