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With Google Reader having been stripped from its social features and +1/G+ sharing not really being an acceptable replacement (see below), I'm looking for suggestions for a webapp that allows me to 'store' URLs/articles for two use cases: a) so others can subscribe to stuff I'm interested in and b) so I have a list of articles I considered exceptional and that I might want to find again later.

It should fulfill the following criteria:

  1. An Android app exists that can receive share intents from other apps and has offline support (i.e. I can share something while on a plane and it will automatically sync that when I have a data connection again—unlike e.g. the G+ app which requires you to be online).
  2. There is some kind of Google Reader integration, so I can share the article I'm currently reading with one keypress or a minimal amount of mouse clicks.
  3. Produces an RSS feed of my shared articles or has similar social features.
  4. Allows me to do full-text searches of the contents of the pages (not just the URL), so I can find something again later (I could probably live without this, but I'd really really miss it).
  5. Easily allows me to share things I find on the web from my desktop browser, outside Google Reader (this should be the easiest to fulfill, a simple bookmarklet should do).

To clarify: this is about articles which I've already read and want to share, not those I intend to read later, for which I would use (and am using) Read It Later or Instapaper.

Any recommendations? (Please give a short summary which criteria are met and possibly how.)

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