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I clicked the button in my company's Google apps for the new design (the one that looks like Google+). I have tried it for several days thinking I just had to get used to it -- but that isn't the case. I just don't like it.

Can I revert back to the old version?

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I found it after some more looking. If you click the Cog Wheel or Gear icon, there is a revert to the old look option. It was a little confusing because there are two gear icons, you need the lower of the two:

enter image description here

I also noticed that there is compact version you can select for the new version which I think I will be okay with.

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If you click the cog in the top right you can switch back.

Google Apps - Switch design

However, this is only temporary and you will be forced to use the new version eventually.

Also, check out some of the other themes (Mail Settings > Themes) that are available. You might find them a bit easier on the eye.

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I don't even have the revert option – user38659 Apr 19 '13 at 15:12
@Barry It was a temporary thing so probably won't be there now. – codingbadger Apr 19 '13 at 15:30

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