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If I automate posting from Facebook to Twitter, and from Twitter to Facebook, will I end up in an infinite loop or are the apps intelligent enough to recognise an automated post and not start bouncing it back and forward?

I'd like to be able to post on either platform and have the message appear on both - sometimes the message is better suited to twitter, but still appropriate for the facebook audience and vice versa.

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A way would be to setup an If This Then That task such that presence of a hashtag will cross post it to either service. This recipe created by me does that - posts any tweet with hashtag #fb to facebook

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Only one way to check.

  • apps.facebook.com/twitter/
  • facebook.com/twitter

1st path: Twitter to Facebook

From Twitter

To Facebook

2nd path: Facebook to Twitter

From Facebook

To Twitter

Final Answer: No

There is no infinite loop. This is an okay way to get automated posted working.

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