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Possible Duplicate:
Convert uploaded file to PDF

Is there any free, open-source, online PDF Creator/Editor which can convert a document/image of any dimensions(A4,A3..etc) into a PDF?

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There are quite a few websites that can handle documents and convert to PDFs. However, while there are many open source PDF converter applications, I have not seen an open source PDF converter web sites. Here are a few of the free sites I've come across:

  • PDF Converter - per the site:

    Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Web Pages and other files to PDF

  • Primo PDF Online - per the site:

    PrimoPDF's free Web-based PDF converter, PrimoOnline, is the simple and fast way to create PDF files, online, without installing a thing. Just upload your file or enter a URL, provide your email address, and our server-based PDF creator will quickly convert it, and deliver the PDF straight to your inbox.

  • PDF Online - Word to PDF only

  • DocuPub - per the site:

    Convert many of the file formats (doc, docx, xls, ppt..) that are used daily to PDF or Image.

  • Adobe CreatePDF - per the site:

    Just upload a file and create a PDF document with one click... [and] Upload two or more files. Get a single PDF file with the documents in the order you want to show them.

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