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I read a lot of random Wikipedia articles for fun/help with schoolwork but sometimes I feel like going back to articles I had read before to get a mental refresher.

Other than just saving wiki articles to my bookmarks is there a way to track all the Wikipedia pages I have read already?

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If you are using firefox, use ctrl-h to bring up the history sidebar.

Click the "View" dropdown box and choose "By Site". Click the + next to wikipedia.com to see the pages you have visited.

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You can add them to the watchlist by clicking on the star at the top near the search field or by using the shortcut altshiftw. Then you can view them by visiting the Edit raw watchlist page.

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If you are using Firefox, there is an extension called Visited that allows you to highlight links you have previously visited with a particular colour. You could disable it's automatic feature and just use it to highlight the links you choose with the shortcut.

There is not a similar extension for Chrome that i could find, however you could use manual styling extensions to override the visited link colour CSS if you wanted.

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