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When I manage my circles (on the page where I can see people in the top panel and circles below) I usually want to move a person from one circle to another instead of copying there. How to achieve this? I've tried to drag-drop holding shift pressed but this doesn't do the trick.

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It seems it's not possible yet. References here and here. – Alex Nov 11 '11 at 11:51

Not possible the way you're doing it, but if you go to the Profile page of the person and click the circle that they're on, you should get a checklist of all your Circles. Uncheck the one you want to remove them from and check the one you want to add to.

A nuisance, sure, but currently the only other way to remove from one circle and simultaneously remove from another.

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In the circles tab:

  • Drag and drop (no shift) from one circle to another will copy the person to the new circle. A green + icon will appear beforehand to indicate the action to be performed and will allow you to cancel the action.
  • Drag and drop (no shift) from one circle to an empty space between or above the circles will remove it from the circle. Here, a red trash bin icon will indicate the action to be performed.
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