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Google Instant has gotten to a level of speed that makes it extremely usable. Now that I like it, I'd like to turn off autocomplete, which seems to get in the way of the Instant results, more than enhance the search experience.

Does anyone know a way to do this? I've found a few userscripts (see below), but they don't seem to get the job done.

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There is no way to have this combination currently

There are two url variables that you can use:

  • complete
  • instant

The issue is that you can turn off instant by adding ?instant=0 to the url you go to google with (set it as homepage to save typing). This doesn't disable autocomplete.

HOWEVER, if you set ?complete=0 it not only disables autocomplete, but it also disables instant.

I tried the following combination; https://www.google.com/?complete=0&instant=1 and instant was still turned off for me.

Side Note: I didn't realize I wanted this to work until I tried to make it work.

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"Side Note: I didn't realize I wanted this to work until I tried to make it work." Yeah, doesn't it seem like this functionality would be perfect for anyone with a half way decent typing speed? Most of the time the autocomplete throws me off from what I'm trying to type. Or, at a minimum slows me down. – GollyJer Mar 3 '12 at 17:17

In the Search Settings page http://www.google.com/preferences you can turn off Google Instant and use the old style.

For that you have to logged in google account.

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