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I logged into Gmail this morning and opened the chat and was stunned to see that the textbox in the chat window is not visible at all. Even if I pop out the chat window, I still cannot see the textbox. I tested in Firefox, Chrome and IE and the issue persists.

Here are the screenshots. The highlight in the images is to obfuscate the names. The issue is that I can't see the textbox to type my chat messages in.

Inside Gmail:

Inside Gmail

Popped out chat window:

Popped out chat window

Any ideas of why this might be happening?

Edit:: I have tried changing screen resolution and dragging the chat window, but it did not help.

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Thanks that would be great. – Nanda Nov 14 '11 at 5:45
I started editing your question, but I can't tell what you're asking. Based on the highlighting in the screenshots, it looks like you're referring to the illegible text, but your question mentions textboxes. Are there supposed to be visible boxes in the blank white areas? – Pops Nov 14 '11 at 5:50
The highlighting was to obfuscate the names. Sorry about that. What I wanted to know was why the textbox-to-enter-messages is not visible at all. – Nanda Nov 14 '11 at 5:52
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According to the official Google chat forums, this thread specifically, I found that this might be due to adblockplus. However, I have had adblockplus turned on in gmail all the while and did not face the issue until now. Now the issue has resolved itself somehow.

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