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It seems that since the new Google Reader came out, the magic sort is not working any more.
Before, the sort result was pretty good, but now when I select "All items" then click "magic sort", it always display the "Engadget" feed...
Do you have this problem? Is there an alternative to Google Reader that provide the service of "magic sort"?

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From a cursory search, it looks like every Google Reader user has run up against this, just with a different feed clustered at the top. I have, too (and for me it's AppleInsider). But after going through posts for a few pages or so, I started to see some from other feeds gradually appear. It's as if when the new interface was introduced, everyone's "magic" got reset and Reader is having to learn everything all over again. I have no information to corroborate this, though. –  L2G Nov 21 '11 at 3:52
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From this help page, you can see how magic sort was working.

Since we don't have anymore likes and shared, as Google integrated Reader with G+, it's most likely that all our reading history/habit was also lost, so the magic sort is gone!

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