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I'm looking for a way to find "sub-trends", or words that are trending beneath a larger trend. For instance, say "#foo" is the hashtag for a conference. Searching for "#foo" only gives you a general overview of what people are talking about -- if "#foo" moves too quickly, it becomes really difficult to track disparite conversations at #foo.

If "#bar" and "#abc" are two different sessions at "#foo", one can find more specific information by searching for "#foo #bar" or "#foo #abc"; yet, how would one find out about the existence of these surrounding hashtags, i.e., sub-trends?

If you look at the screenshot for Peoplebrowsr, there's a panel that looks for "words surrounding [trend]," which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

Is there a way to accomplish this more simply, i.e., without paying $149 /mo. for Peoplebrowsr?


Update: Another service that can do this is Twazzup (click for example). The "Community" panel has some limited info on surrounding words; is there a tool that does this, but with more detail?

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There are several ways of doing this in code and 'not code'. I have documented a 'not code' approach using Yahoo Pipes here: Finding Common Terms around a Twitter Hashtag.

The recipe I describe in that post goes something like this:

  • grab a list of tweets around a search term using the Twitter search API
  • tokenise each tweet to generate a list of words contained within the tweets
  • count the unique occurrences of each word
  • strip out common words (the, and, to) etc
  • order the remaining words by frequency of occurrence in the search returned tweets
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http://keyhole.co is a tool we have built to track hashtags or any keywords over time in a nice visual dashboard. Keyhole.co shows results in realtime and give you the ability to export your data in xls or csv format. We've recently added the ability to track hastags for instagram and facebook aswell.hashtag tracking

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That looks crazy-awesome. I'll pass that onto my team! – aendrew Jan 15 '14 at 15:28

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