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Is there any way I can download all my posts from blogger?

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You can use this tool called Blogger Backup. Its free and open-source.

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How to save entire blog as PDF

If you want to save your entire blog as an awesome PDF file which people can read and enjoy instead of having a dull .xml file, use Blogbooker or follow these steps:

Step 1: Blogger dashbord>Settings>Posts and comments>Posts> Show at most Put show at most 999999 posts on the main page. (Any large number)

Step 2: View your blog website. Print it (Ctrl+P) and choose the destination as "Save as PDF". Click on 'Older posts' and repeat. (If you have a lot of posts you'd have multiple pages so you'd have to click older posts) You should have multiple PDF files.

Step 3: Go to PDF combine and combine your PDF files.

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If what you're looking for is to take your blog with you, exporting it is the option; unless what you're looking for is to export only your posts.

To export your entire blog:

Exporting > From your blogger dashboard > Settings > Under BASIC Tab > The first block is Blog Tools > Export.

Save the file and then upload it where you need to.

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