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I had, a long time ago, a non-free email account. Once I get a gmail account I forget about it, but I still have all the emails stored (in Thunderbird format)

I will like to be able to join them with my current gmail account, as is always difficult to make searchs for old emails. The ideal will be keeping the fields like to, cc, etc, but just forwarding everything to gmail could be enough. I'm talking of about 700Mb of information...

Any ideas?

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You could add your Gmail account as a new IMAP account to Thunderbird. From there you can just drag them from your old account folder to the Gmail/[All Mail] folder.

See for steps.

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I have done this with Fastmail (another IMAP provider), and it works perfectly. – seanyboy Jul 8 '10 at 9:21

If you have your mails stored as mbox files, you can use the gmail uploader web app.

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