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I'm looking to compare prices on Amazon to some local retailers for protein supplement powder. However, ideally an answer would work for any product that is sold in bulk by volume or weight.

There are almost 1500 products in the protein supplement category on Amazon, many of which are different sizes/flavors of the same stuff from the same manufacturers. Since I use the stuff regularly, and lack any brand preference, I mostly just want to see a listing sorted by price per pound.

Is there a way to do that, either on or via some third-party tool or site that knows how to query their product database?

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There is no way I know to do this on Amazon or a third party. You could write some javascript to sort it out. From what I can see they use javascript to sort it. You can see via their page source how they do it. – Web Dev Apr 15 at 0:47

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By default, your chat list will be sorted by the people with whom you communicate most often. However, you also have the option of changing to alphabetical sort order.

In Gmail:

Click Options from the bottom of your chat list. Under Show in chat list: click All contacts or Top 250. You can change this back to popularity by selecting Most Popular instead.

If you would like more contacts to show, you can always resize your chat list.

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