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Lately, my spam folder has been invaded by various spam mails. I have to check the spam folder everyday because there is a risk that some non-spam mails can fall in the spam folder. As the number of spam mails increases, it gets harder for me to check false positives, so there is a risk I can miss non-spam mails.

Spammers can easily manipulate From and Date values in their mails. See the Date column of my spam folder in the following image. It prevents me to check them correctly by date as the date sorting becomes incorrect.

Actually, I was expecting from Yahoo Mail to track spam trends dynamically and block their IP addresses permanently. In this way, the number of spam mails can be reduced. Maybe I'm wrong and there is a setting for this in Yahoo Mail.

What can I do to permanently block those spammers so that I can have a cleaner spam inbox?

Below is the screenshot of the latest situation of my spam inbox:

spam inbox

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