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What I'm looking to do here is have a poll placed on its own dedicated page, where 30 or so answers/poll choices are available. When visitors/users click to cast vote on whatever he/she likes, the more votes an answer/poll choice get the higher it ranks in the in the overall poll.

Hope I'm not confusing about what I'm looking for, but could anyone direct me to such an application/widget.

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If you're storing votes in a database then ordering then using something like:

SELECT poll_question.text, poll_question.id, COUNT(poll_vote.id) as votes FROM poll_question LEFT JOIN poll_vote ON poll_vote.question_id = poll_guestion.id) GROUP BY poll_question.id ORDER BY votes WHERE poll_question.poll_id = current_poll_id

most MVP frameworks will have a simpler way to compost this. What type of situation are you creating these polls in?

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