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I'm not getting any notifications on changes to boards I own or administer in Trello.

I set up an organization, and have me and another user as admins. I then created a board, which I own, and added the other organization's member to this board, without giving him admin rights.

He then invited two other members to the organization (being admin of the organization, this is OK), and then added them as members of the board (knowing he is NOT owner of the board). Those two members added cards, without assigning them to anyone.

As owner of the board, I turned the email notification to instantly, as I expected to be alerted any time something happens on my board, even though it is not assigned to me.

However, I did not get any mail telling me new members were added to the board I administrate, no mail telling me some member added/modified an item on this board either.

Did I miss something in the notification process/options? I don't understand why I'm not getting any notices about the changes to the board.

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Hmmm. Seems like you should probably contact us at support@trello.com. This question is likely to be closed as it doesn't involve the correct operation of the site but an isolated situation.

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