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If I am viewing a video, and I wish to add it to a playlist of mine, I click on the Add to Playlist button. (I bet you're going, "No, duh.")

The problem with this is:

  • I have 18 playlists and counting.
    • If I use my mouse scroll wheel, I just end up going past the playlist I want.
    • The playlist window is way too small.
    • If I eventually get 100 playlists, it will be a real pain trying to find my playlist, and actually scrolling to it, even if I know where it is.
  • They are sorted in chronological order, which makes them hard to find.

Is there any way I can mitigate this problem?

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I was quite frustrated for this problem too. The only solution I found was to code a Greasemonkey (Firefox add-on) script to manipulate the YouTube interface.

It works also on Chrome. Check this out: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/123272

Enjoy ;)

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