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I can't "see" Gmail's "new look". I have a poor monitor and my eyes are worse, so it all blends into one gigantic low-contrast wall of text.

I found that other skins will aleviate the problem with the light-grey on light-grey buttons (to some degree), but I am still stuck with the low contrast mail listing.

Eg, this is my problem:

gmail low contrast mail listing


Is there a skin that provides higher-contrast alternating rows for the mail listing?

Or at least, a skin with higher contrast mail listing?

I'm open to any options, anything at all... Right now I'm considering a 3rd party mail client as my best option fix.

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@AlEverett, thanks for clarification. – Hoque Dec 8 '11 at 1:52
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Install Minimalist For Everything which is a Chrome Extension.

Once installed click the extension and enable the Gmail Module. Click Options on the Gmail Module and select the Main tab

This lets you set custom background colours for your email listing.


There are tons of other pre-defined settings that you can use to tinker with the Gmail look and feel.

As an added bonus, if you know any JavaScript & CSS you can create your own customisations and add them to the extension.

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Try the "Compact" option under settings (a gear icon on the right top).

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